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Wisdom is not a commodity to be obtained;

it is often a perspective which can be lost,

unless humility keeps in check the need,

to continually learn and be reborn with others.

Wisdom cannot be easily shared;

for each listener sits in a unique and waxy seat of reception

and every giver glows radiantly amid chains.

It is often poorly handled from the cosy above and

penetrates most enduringly in the gritty alongside.

It requires the patience and loneliness of paths

less worn and less rewarded.

It is in the bringing together of divisions thought permanent

and in the dividing of unions seemingly impenetrable.

It is ancient and new born,

crystalized and fluid,

aged and tested,

yet ready to break open,

running to places unseen and unexplored.

It is in great depths and heights that new sight is obtained;

It is in the richness of the simple, the natural, the normal;

in the vastness of the tiny,

in the hunger of our universal need,

which points to that

which includes and surpasses us.

If I depart I see one kind of wisdom;

If I stay I see another;

If I retreat I can gain a peaceful detachment;

If I engage I am lost in a new universe of finding.

The heart can fuel understanding,

and can blind,

can aid intuitive leaps,

and can seem a shadow world with no escape.

Limits can be a small mirror

to help us see light through the distractions

and the unlimited can shine where there seems an end.