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Quantum Healing Treatments

In most cases, Quantum Healing involves a laying on of hands to promote the body’s own inherit healing abilities. A typical session lasts approximately one hour. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, as you will remain fully dressed and draped with a blanket during the entire session. Maria will place her hands on or above specific energy meridians in your body that correspond to specific organs and energy centers. You may experience different sensations such as; heat, tingling, a sense of peace, relaxation and wellbeing.

Some people also experience the release of deep emotions, all of which are completely normal. No two people experience Quantum Healing the same and regardless of what you feel, trust that Quantum Healing is occurring.

Initial Consultation & Healing Session

90 min. $150

An initial consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes.  Maria will do a brief intake to gather information and offer a time for questions and discussion.  Please read and follow the steps found under the description of “A Full Quantum Healing Session” before your appointment.

Quantum Healing treatments cannot be performed during surgery, as it has been observed to disrupt medical equipment, so for safety’s sake it can only be used prior to and after surgery.

Full Quantum Healing Session

60 min. $100

A typical Quantum Healing session lasts approximately 1hour. Please wear loose fitting clothing, drink plenty of water, and avoid any stimulants, such as caffeine, alcohol, and sugar before your appointment.  Metal jewelry should not be worn but wedding rings are acceptable. After your treatment, your body will be detoxifying. You may feel many different things as all bodies are unique, so please listen to your body.  If you are tired, please allow yourself to rest.  Continue drinking plenty of water, herbal decaffeinated teas are also acceptable. Soaking in a warm Epsom’s salt bath may also further aid the detoxification process. Please consult your healthcare practitioner if you are on any medications prior to doing so.


The opinions, information and advice contained in this publication are intended solely for the purpose of education and do not constitute or are a substitute for medical counsel, advise or treatment.  Never start or discontinue a dietary plan, supplements, or exercise program without first consulting with your healthcare provider. If you are taking medication, are pregnant or breast feeding always seek the advice of your healthcare provider before adding any vitamins, herbal treatments or food supplements to your diet.  Statements herein concerning food, herbal treatments, supplements, vitamins, or dietary changes have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and, therefore, cannot be purported to be a cure or treatment.

Did You Know?

Quantum Healing is now recognized by Western medicine as an effective alternative healing modality and is being used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and treatment centers around the world.

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