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Identifying Unique Cultural Identity

In an effort to find the wisdom of an uncommon mental health organization that Wisdom Lab worked with, we asked members to bring in an image that represented the heart of the organization.  As these images were placed on a wall, it became clear to those in the room who had been in other mental […]

Domains of Wisdom

Here is a list of what we call domains of wisdom: Core organizational stories Influential people (past and present) Historic organizational events Defining successes Constructive failures Destructive failures Core values, pivotal systems/practices, meaningful symbols/expressions Culmination potential (wisdom in action for future) Remembrance, rejuvenation, and development practices Hidden understandings / uncomfortable truths In our wisdom gathering […]

Wisdom Poem – Sophia’s Dance

Wisdom is not a commodity to be obtained; it is often a perspective which can be lost, unless humility keeps in check the need, to continually learn and be reborn with others. Wisdom cannot be easily shared; for each listener sits in a unique and waxy seat of reception and every giver glows radiantly amid […]